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Ibanez Steve Vai/UV Jem six string electric

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Finishes: goldhardware Color: Pearl White. Pickups: Evolution DP159 Bridge pickup: Dimarzio Evolution DPS1middle pickup:Dimarzio Evolution DP158neckpickup:
Inlay: Fingerboard Pearl/ Abalone vine
Neck: Rosewood
6105 frets
Alder body
Neck: Jem prestige 5pc Maple/ Walnut
Bridge: The Edge
The low-profile design of 'The Edge' Tremolo includes fine tuners conveniently angled back to prevent right hand touches. 'The Edge' bridge features a stud lock in both studs for maximum tuning stability.
Contoured body with 24-fret Jem prestige neck provides easy access to all registers Ibanez split-5 wiring provide tonal versatility Lion's Claw tremolo cavity allows pitches to be radically raised or lowered