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Baritone Six Steel String Guitar

Crafted By: Doug Eaton

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Baritone six steel string guitar. Commencement Date: August 2008. Completion: September 2008. Purchased May 13th 2009 the tuning of the Baritone is from b to b, which means that it is four tones lower than a standard guitar
Back and Sides: Tasmanian Blackwood, botanical name Acacia Melanoxylon
Neck: Silver Ash (Flindersia Schottiana) origin Northern New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.
Fretboard: Macassar Ebony which is more stable than Impingo Black Ebony in that there is less shrinkage hence it is less likely to pop a fret. not as hard wearing as African Black Ebony.
Soundboard: Western Red Cedar, origin from the rocky mountain East Coast U.S.A., used in Indian totum poles which are left in the open air/wet, for hundreds of years.
Rosette: Western Australian Laced She Oak, this comes as round columns ready for bowls
Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood
Bridge peg holes are in a curve. as the wood grain is straight, if the holes are drilled in a straight line, a crack has the potential to continue across the bridge. the curve avoids splitting from hole to hole.
Truss rod: Martin style, 5 mm Allen key.
Machine heads: goto, made in Germany.
Binding: U.S.A. Rock Maple.