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6 Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Crafted By: Rad Brashaw Beaconsfield Lutherie

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Individually made stringed instrument crafted/completed April 1998 for Marcus Sturrock by Rad Brashaw Beaconsfield Lutherie
6 steel string acoustic guitar
Back & sides: Canadian Big Leaf Quilted Maple
Fretboard: ebony (Impingo)
Headstock: Ebony laminated to Rock Maple
Neck: Queensland maple
Inlays: Abalone
Rosette: Abalone
Machine heads: Grover
Completion date: April 1998
Neck dimensions:
Neck width at nut: 47.42 mm
Neck width at 14th fret (where body joins neck): 61.56 mm
Neck thickness at 1st fret (including fingerboard): 21.00 mm
Neck thickness at 10th fret: 23.08 mm
Neck thickness at 12th fret: 27.25 mm
The neck side of the nut, to the end of the fretboard at it's furthest point: 466 mm or 18 3/8 inches
The neck side of the nut, to the inside edge of the saddle: 25 13/16 inches
Headstock length (from the headstock side of the nut, not the neck side of the nut): 160 mm
The total width of the string spacing at the saddle from the outside of the first string to the outside of The sixth string is 61.55 mm.
Spacing at the saddle with gauges 13-56.
E-A / 1st-2nd (gauge 56-46): 10.65 mm
A-D / 2nd-3rd (gauge 46-36): 10.81 mm
D-G / 3rd-4th (gauge 36-26): 10.93 mm
G-B / 4th-5th (gauge 26-17): 11.84 mm
B-E / 5th-6th (gauge 17-13): 12.40 mm
Obviously, it would be better to take the measurement from the centre of the string (which would be
closer to 12.40 mm between each string),
The distance between the outside strings at the nut is 41.04 mm
The Pickup installed can be seen in Photo 2a
Photo 2a Fishman Undersaddle Ellipse Matrix Blend
Super low-noise onboard preamp system
Ergonomic soundhole-mounted design puts slider controls at your fingertips to maintain a natural playing position
Phase switch (feedback control)
Custom-designed cardioid condenser mini-microphone with gooseneck mount and accessible Mic/pickup blending plus mic trim control
Unique patent-pending neodymium magnetic mounting system solder-free installation solder-free connections
Switchable low frequency tone-shaping built into preamp