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location: Band History

Lead And Rhythm Guitar / Vocals / Drums / Keyboards / Bass

  • Psyco Safari Band
  • PJ Hooker Band
  • HYA
  • Marveltones
  • Absent Minds
  • Graffiti
  • Bear feet
  • Little Buggers
  • Strike Twice
  • Knotwork
  • Sandfire
  • Wide Open
  • George Dobson Orchestra
  • Mossurfers
  • Creative Assylum
  • The Make Believe Band
  • Banana Fish and the Enthusiastics
  • Normie Rowe Band
  • Brown Sugar
  • Off my Cloud

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Played In Bands With

  • John Crosbie (of Jason Donovan, Dugites, Rocky Horror Show and Hya fame)
  • Peter Simpson (Song writer of the year)
  • Glen Patterson (of Thin Lizzy fame)
  • Rod Mickle (of Kevin Bloody Wilson fame)
  • George Dobson Orchestra (Marcus played lead guitar)
  • Normie Rowe (Marcus played lead guitar)
  • Lunar Circus
  • Dr Needed Flying Circus

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Played On-Stage With

  • Marcus Sturrock, Andrew Clermont & Pat Drummond went on tour, 'THREE BLOKES COLLIDE TOUR'
  • Andrew clermont: Violin, Mandolin etc. '3 Bluegrass Guitar Championships', 'Golden Guitar', 'Best Instrumental Album', 'Inaugural Musicianship Award', 'Heritage Award', 'Music Hands of Fame'.
  • Pat Drummond: 'Song of the Year', 'Record Company of the Year' ('Shoestring Records'), 'Music Hands of Fame', 'Music Artist of The Year', 'Male Vocal of the Year', 'Independent Artist of the Year'.
  • Gail Page: 'ABC Music Awards finalist','Female Artist of the year', 'Best New Artist', '3 Australian Blues "CHAIN" Awards'.
  • Glen Terry: 'Best Song', 'Best Male Vocals' Awards.
  • Mark Atkins: Performed 'WOMAD USA Washington', performed New York's Lincoln Centre, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sinead O'Connor, Phillip Glass, David Broza, John Williamson, Peter Sculthorpe, Hothouse Flowers, five Olympic Ceremonies, winner of the Golden Didjeridu.
  • Parris Macleod: ABC Music Awards Finalists, Nominated 4 times for Best Instrumental in the Golden Guitar Awards; Producer of the year; People's Choice Awards: Keyboard player of the year.
  • Tony McManus 'The best Celtic Guitarist in the world' John Renbourn
  • Peter Grayling (WA symphony Orchestra)
  • Gary Ridge (percussion)
  • Gilly Darbey (Guest for Van Morrison)
  • Lucky Oceans
  • Rod Vervest
  • Marty Rhone
  • Bruce Mathiske
  • Phil Manning
  • Chris Smither
  • Nick Charles
  • Steve Tallis
  • Lynsey Field & Joe Creighton (of John Farnham fame)
  • LA Based Kristina Olsen
  • Dutch Tilders
  • Jeff Bridges (of Bee Gees fame)
  • Ross Hannaford (of Daddy Cool fame)
  • Russell Murphy (Graeme Bell Jazz Band)
  • Mike Cooper (British slide Guitarist/Singer)
  • Robert James [GANGgajang] Yothu Yindi
  • Wendy Matthews
  • Wolfstone
  • Vivian (Neville Brothers)
  • Jeff Lang
  • Andrew Clermont
  • Richard Steel
  • Damon Davies
  • Pat Drummond
  • Alesa Lajana
  • Ewan MacKenzie & Kay Sullivan

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Special Guest For

  • Robin Lumley (of David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Moody Blues, Procul Harum fame, producer of 30 albums for such artists as Stephan Grapelli)
  • Marcus was in a band that toured as a double billed act with Daryl Braithwaite and his band Sherbs/Sherbet
  • Grace Knight
  • Vince Jones
  • Phil Manning
  • Dutch Tilders
  • Jon English
  • Marty Rhone
  • Michael Chapman
  • Ignatius Jones
  • Geoff Atchison
  • The Eurogliders
  • Hot City Bump Band
  • Dave Hole
  • Daddy Cool
  • 1927
  • The Angels (Marcus toured with them)
  • Angry Anderson
  • Things of Stone & Wood
  • Brewster Brothers
  • Wendy Matthews
  • GANGgajang (double billing)
  • Joe Camillieri
  • Mark Seymour (Hunters & Collectors)
  • John Butler (double billing)
  • Canned Heat
  • Human Nature (double billing)
  • Dave Mann Collective (double billing)

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