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About Marcus

  • Marcus composes 90% of his songs and tunes.
  • First solo album Moods sold 10,000 copies worldwide without the backing of a recording company.
  • 'Letting Go', 'Too Many Strings', Getting It Wronge' and 'Little Things' were featured on International ABC radio The Planet with Lucky Oceans and Doug Spencer Producer/Presenter who was quoted saying, "Marcus is not merely an adept guitarist; he has the happy ability to play music rather than just notes and to infect the audience with his own joy".
  • Marcus has played in bands that have performed on various TV shows including, ABC TV 'RAGE', and radio stations worldwide.
  • Played keyboards, drums, percussion, bass and guitar and lead vocals in numerous bands.
  • Marcus was listed in The Who's Who of Rock 'n Roll book.
  • He has played at the Port Fairy Music Festival, World Music Gig, Woodford Music Festival, Canberra National Music Festival, Frankston Guitar Festival, Fairbridge Music Festival, Nannup Music Festival, Bridgetown Blues Festival, Tasmanian Cygnet Folk Festival, Showcase at Winterfolk Festival, Toronto Canada. Cobargo Folk Festival, Araluen Chilli Festival, Australian Celtic Festival and Katanning Multicultural Festival and many more Music Festivals throughout Australia and the world.
  • He has composed and played music for dance, visual art and theater productions, and short film.
  • Marcus runs Big Ears Recording Studios, a 48 track digital and analog based studio, where Marcus offers himself as a multi instrumental session musician.
  • Marcus has written one book 'Jumble' an autobiography with a collection of short stories, lyrics and poems.
  • He taught guitar at Lou Toppano Music College and, as a support worker, provides music therapy for physically and mentally challenged people.
  • He judges song competitions, such as that held by the Australian Songwriters Association, the Murdoch University Band competition (won by Eskimo Joe) and the Woodbridge Band Competition (won by the Dave Mann Collective).
  • He has held audio engineering and songwriting classes at TAFE College.
  • Marcus was selected to play in two international Rebel Yell guitar events.
  • He composed songs on Sandfires's European CD release, also playing lead guitar and backing vocals. Sandfire were placed second in the international M Rock Awards and selected for the International Yamaha Band Event. Played on the world release Nu Music CD twice.
  • Marcus played guitar in the band HYA, which had a song featured 'Best of the West' and which made the charts.
  • Played for and supported Telethon, Walk Against Want, Appealathon, Save The Forest events and Earthquest.
  • Marcus uses an unusual internal Apex design seven steel string acoustic (with a 70 gauge bass string) built by Rad Brashaw. He uses several tunings.